Extensive experience creating branded content and managing innovative projects on an international scale.
I am passionate about excellence, high standards, and innovation.

Over the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with major brands such as BOUCHERON, CHANEL, LE BON MARCHÉ, LVMH, LE PRINTEMPS, MAISON KITSUNÉ and SEPHORA, to develop creative, high-stakes and strategic 360° marketing campaigns. In this time, I gained essential experience in product repositioning, communications, brand strategy and storytelling — from idea creation to implementation and public reception.

A deep understanding of the different marketing and communications value chains for luxury brands allows me to visualize the essence of each project, concept, and story in order to create and plan out a custom idea and see it through to its final artistic expression.

As a first-rate interlocutor, keeper of the artistic vision and strategic messenger, it is as a true maestro that I develop ever stronger and more cunning image solutions for both customized digital experiences and the delicate world of print.